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4G-5G signaling interworking

To prevent operators from having to switch to a full 5G core all at once, the BroadForward converged signaling solution enables operators to have multiple generations of core network functions co-existing and working together at the same time. The solution allows existing 4G network components (and even legacy 2G/3G systems) to be retained and combined with new 5G core network functions in a virtual environment. The software solution provides an extensive set of service logic functions for advanced HTTP/2 interworking. This allows operators to extend the use of SS7 and Diameter based network elements such as SMSC, PCRF and OCS.

Leveraging 4G network assets
Most mobile operators have invested largely in 4G mobile core elements like OCS/CCS, HSS and EPC core systems. Although the GSMA has provided limited guidance for 4G to 5G interworking, many operators envision a long-term transition towards a full stand alone 5G network. Legacy networks will be kept in place for many years, demanding a flexible interworking capability between legacy systems and 5G network functions.
BroadForward offers a converged signaling solution, enabling a so-called 4G-5G ‘Hybrid Core’. This allows operators and vendors to preserve and modernize legacy functions while implementing next generation technology. The GSMA has awarded this unique solution with the GLOMO Award for Best Mobile & Network Software Breakthrough.

BroadForward 4G-5G interworking
The continued use of legacy systems is especially important in case the applicable investments are not yet depreciated or 5G equivalents do not provide the required functionality. The BroadForward solution for SS7-Diameter-HTTP/2 interworking provides an extensive set of service logic functions for advanced interworking scenarios. Supported scenarios include:

  • 5G Core interworking with existing OCS/CCS and PCRF
  • 4G Core interworking with new CHF and PCF
  • SMSC to SMSF interworking
  • 5G Core interworking with existing 4G EIR

Comprehensive, scalable and high-available solution
By streamlining service and applications-based scenarios across 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks, service providers can leverage their current legacy core network functions while building up their 5G network over the course of years. The BroadForward Interworking solution with its configurable service logic and on-board multi-node session database, offers service providers and product vendors a scalable and high-available interworking solution that is unique in the market.

Optional (on-board) support for:

Virtualized, cloud-based and containerized deployment
The BroadForward 4G-5G IWF provides unmatched flexibility with various deployment options, including bare metal, virtual machines, containers, and cloud environments, all while maintaining a low resource footprint. This 100% software-based, hardware-agnostic solution eliminates the need for specialized hardware or proprietary operating systems. Deploying the BroadForward 4G-5G IWF on a common platform facilitates the transition for operators and vendors from proprietary appliance systems to a standardized, hardware-agnostic, software-only infrastructure.

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