Wi-Fi/Fixed integration, RADIUS-Diameter interworking

The BroadForward solution for RADIUS-Diameter interworking enables cellular and Wi-Fi/Fixed integration. The software solution provides an extensive set of service logic functions for advanced RADIUS to Diameter and RADIUS to SS7 interworking. This allows operartors to quickly integrate RADIUS based Fixed Line and Wi-Fi network elements such as Edge Gateways and AAA, Wi-Fi Access Gateways with Diameter and SS7 based Mobile network elements such as HLR, HSS, PCRF and OCS.

Service continuity between Wi-Fi, Fixed-Line and Mobile network assets
Subscribers use more and more different devices to access the network that they happen to be on (3G, LTE, Fixed or Wi-Fi). When they go online, users want access to their services whatever the network, device and location, at home, on the way or in the office. Communication service providers are looking for ways to monetize and leverage their existing Fixed-Line network assets by associating them with high growth mobile services.

The ability to connect RADIUS with Diameter and SS7 network elements allows service providers to enable service continuity scenarios with converged policy control and integrated data bundles. Examples of such converged services are: common charging and subscriber policies across access networks, automatic access to Wi-Fi offload, seamless roaming scenarios between access providers including authentication and accounting of the subscriber, portable security and service assurance among others.

BroadForward RADIUS-Diameter interworking 
The wide variety of RADIUS implementations and the fundamental differences between RADIUS and Diameter demand for a comprehensive interworking tool set, rather than a stack based point solution. The BroadForward solution for RADIUS-Diameter interworking provides an extensive set of service logic functions for advanced  interworking scenarios. Users get multiple sample configuration templates to quickly connect RADIUS based Fixed Line network elements such as Edge Gateways and AAA/Wi-Fi Access Gateways with Diameter based Mobile network elements such as PCRF and OCS.
The same RADIUS-Diameter interworking function can be used for “PCRF/OCS offloading”, with the solution tracking usage against pre-set levels, before reporting (aggregated) usage to the PCRF and OCS.

Comprehensive, scalable and high-available solution
By streamlining service scenarios across Fixed and Mobile networks, service providers can offer their subscribers a much improved user experience. Unlike stack based point solutions, BroadForward Interworking applies provides configurable logic, which – together with the on-board multi-node session database – offers service providers and product vendors a scalable and high-available interworking solution that is unique in the market. Furthermore connectivity scenarios can easily be extended to include other connectivity requirements such as database interaction and message enrichment, involving for instance LDAP or SOAP.

Using the BroadForward solution for Interworking for RADIUS-Diameter interworking offers many benefits:

  • Productized gateway function for RADIUS-Diameter interworking and mediation, bridges RADIUS and Diameter technologies through configuration, not R&D;
  • Enables Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) and associated service enhancements and cost savings;
  • Supports reduction in signaling load and cost with “PCRF/OCS offloading” function;
  • Avoids disruption of roadmap development, enables own R&D resources to fully concentrate on building core product functionality instead of external connectivity;
  • On the fly adaptations to any interface variant, through built-in flexibility to quickly adjust and customize interfaces to specific customer environments. Includes a wide range of mediation and service logic functions;
  • Reliable, high-available and scalable architecture, including multi-node session store;
  • High performance at small footprint, minimal latency and very low memory and disk usage;
  • Future-proof and extendable approach: other interfaces and new features can be introduced without the need for software development;
  • Easy to integrate connectivity layer
  • Extendable with RADIUS-MAP interworking
  • Extendable with RADIUS-HTTP interworking
  • Runs on any off-the-shelf hardware or in a virtualized environment. It is a 100% software based solution, hardware-agnostic and support virtualization and cloud deployment as well as containerized application deployment. 

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