BroadForward delivers control plane solutions for MVNOs and MVNEs that improve efficiency, flexibility and lower costs. Our portfolio of Routing, Interworking, Security and Number Portability products all support multiple access network technologies and generations, and provide logic to adapt (proprietary) interfaces. There are no dependencies on hardware. BroadForward products are renowned for its ease of use – key for MVNOs to stay in control.

MVNOs compete on efficiency, flexibility and low cost
According to P&S market Research [..MVNOs work on a cost-efficient operational model, while its operating cost is about 30% to 50% lesser, as compared to MNOs..]. The problem is that products from the traditional vendors are often not capable of matching the specific flexibility and cost requirements of MVNOs and MVNEs:

  • Fastest time-to-market for services
  • High level of flexibility in the network
  • Low systems integration costs
  • Affordable network functions
  • Extending economic lifetime of systems
  • Reduced dependency on vendors

BroadForward products achieve economies of scale by combining, signaling functions, management and licenses. BroadForward products are in use with a large number of leading MVNEs and MVNOs around the world, including the world’s first PVNO (Private Virtual network Operator), supporting M2M/IoT use cases for an energy company with millions of smart meters.

Economies of scale in the Mobile Core Network
BroadForward encourages MVNOs, MVNEs and smaller operators to take control of their signaling network. All BroadForward products are designed to enable integration and tackle signaling challenges typically found in multi-vendor environments. They can run standalone or in combination and are 5G ready:

All products empower the operators take immediate control of signaling challenges across 3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi/Fixed and IT, without the need for vendor involvement. BroadForward products hand MVNOs and MVNEs the in-house capability to reduce cost by taking control, avoiding lengthy engagements with product vendors or system integrators.

MVNOs, MVNEs can leverage the benefits offered by BroadForward products to increase their power in a highly competitive market:

  • Market leading portfolio that is 5G ready
  • Standalone installations or combination (single software engine) of products and licenses
  • Hardware independent: BroadForward products are software based, supports use of standard off-the-shelf hardware, virtualization and cloud deployment
  • Reduced dependency on vendors and system integrators: flexibility to manage complex broadband use cases independently;
  • Faster time-to-market for broadband propositions: enabling integration in days instead of weeks or months;
  • Productized integration: out-of-the box support for Diameter routing and mediation, Fixed-Mobile convergence, 3G-LTE data roaming, 5G Interconnect, Wi-Fi offload integration, Number Portability, Security, M2M/IoT etc.;
  • Easy to use: configuration is fully based on a uniform graphical user interface, no need for scripting or vendor involvement;
  • Reduced systems integration cost for broadband systems: using BroadForward is often cheaper than a single change request on core legacy platforms;
  • Extended economic lifetime of systems: enabling connectivity functionality instead of system upgrades or replacements;
  • Supporting virtualization and cloud deployment runs on any off-the-shelf hardware or in a virtualized environment. It is a 100% software based solution, hardware-agnostic and support virtualization and cloud deployment as well as containerized application deployment. 

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