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BroadForward wins GSMA Award for Best Mobile & Network Software Breakthrough

BroadForward solution for enabling 4G-5G Hybrid Core’ named Best Mobile & Network Software Breakthrough product by the GSMA during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain, June 30th, 2021

BroadForward 2021 GLOMOToday the GSMA awarded six-time Global Mobile Awards (GLOMOs) nominee BroadForward, the title of Best Mobile & Network Software Breakthrough for their software solution for enabling 4G-5G Hybrid Core’. The GSMA is the leading industry body representing the interests of mobile operators and other eco-system players worldwide. The GLOMOs are considered the mobile and digital industry’s most desired recognition of product innovation and achievement. This is the 26th edition of the GLOMOs which each year attracts hundreds of submissions from all over the world. The judging panels comprised of leading industry and subject matter experts, analysts, journalists, academics and mobile operator representatives.

The GSMA awarded the BroadForward software solution for its breakthrough innovation which enables operators to deploy a 4G-5G Hybrid Core. The intelligent software solution ensures operators do not have to build and maintain separate silos for 4G and 5G, and don’t have to switch from 4G to 5G Core overnight. Without a Hybrid Core, operators will need to obtain a full set of new 5G Network Functions for a fully virtualized service-based Core network architecture. In addition they need to switch to HTTP/2 as the 5G signaling technology. To prevent operators from having to take these big steps all at once, the BroadForward converged signaling solution enables operators to have multiple generations of core network functions co-existing and working together at the same time. The solution allows existing 4G network components (and even legacy 2G/3G systems) to be retained and combined with new 5G core network functions in a virtual environment. Operators use the BroadForward solution to deploy any combination of its on-board routing, interworking, security or storage functions, for integration and co-existence of 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Fixed and Wi-Fi systems, and beyond. The solution is in use at 70+ service providers (MNOs, MVNEs, MVNOs, IPX, IoT) around the world, running combinations of core signaling functions for all mobile access technologies including 5G.

Taco Schoute, CEO of BroadForward commented: “Being recognized by the GSMA for our leadership in providing intelligent, converged signaling software is a great honor. Operators increasingly are looking for best-of-breed products such as ours to reduce complexity and costs while increasing flexibility on the way to a virtualized 5G Core. The BroadForward solution supports a flexible network transition from legacy products to the equivalent 5G NG functions. This is what we are good at and how we can help operators deploying new generations of networks in a flexible and manageable way.”