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BroadForward SEPP trial program for 5G Roaming reaping rewards for participating service providers

Amersfoort, 2nd June 2023 – BroadForward, leader in intelligent signaling software, has announced that multiple service providers have joined its Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP) trial program, designed to enable IPX providers and mobile operators to efficiently test the SEPP functionality for various 5G roaming scenarios within their lab environments. This program allows participating service providers to gain valuable experience with this essential network function for 5G roaming.

The SEPP trial program includes prepared test sets, providing a comprehensive testing framework for evaluating the SEPP’s capabilities in different 5G roaming scenarios. As participants in the program, IPX providers and mobile operators can assess the SEPP’s features and capabilities, and compatibility with their existing infrastructure.
The BroadForward SEPP has gained recognition as enabler of the world’s first live 5G Standalone Roaming solution in November 2022. Since then, BroadForward has taken a leading position in the emerging SEPP market, with various trials and commercial contracts.

“The SEPP trial program is an opportunity for service providers to experience first-hand the advanced capabilities of our SEPP product,” said Taco Schoute, CEO of BroadForward. “We understand the importance of seamless and secure roaming in the 5G era, and our SEPP solution is designed to meet the evolving demands of the industry. Analysts have indicated that the tipping point for 5G Standalone will be this year – which is in line with the increasing demand for our SEPP. Although it is still unclear when exactly 5G roaming will take off on a large scale, we see that service providers want to be prepared and have the necessary network function for 5G interconnect in their network in time.”

The SEPP trial program has now been running for a few months and offers participants access to BroadForward’s SEPP software and technical support throughout the testing process.
BroadForward remains committed to delivering innovative solutions that enable secure and efficient connectivity in the rapidly evolving telecommunications landscape. The SEPP trial program signifies another milestone in BroadForward’s dedication to empowering service providers with world-class signaling products.