BroadForward is the leading expert in broadband interfacing software, delivering the Next-Generation interworking and routing solution for signaling in 3G, 4G/LTE, IMS, Fixed and Wi-Fi networks.


Many operators are faced with increasingly more complex integration issues. Multi-vendor environments and often proprietary protocols create difficult conditions to make use cases work. The BFX Interface Gateway delivers a specialized solution for integration of broadband, policy control, charging and IT systems. BFX provides functionality empowering IT and Network Engineering departments to enable advanced broadband use cases, faster and cheaper than any one-off IT project could ever achieve.

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Product vendors

With the ability to embed the BFX Interface Gateway within vendor’s own product offering, it is possible to gain a clear and immediate competitive advantage in any head-to-head situation with competitors. With BFX on-board, vendors can showcase a flexible and controllable connectivity capability straight out-of-the-box. This will not only help to be more competitive by increasing product compliancy and speeding up deployments, but also improve on project margins and lead-times, by reducing distracting customization efforts.

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System integrators

It is critically important to choose an approach that allows for flexibility but yet stays predictable and transparent from an operator’s perspective, now and in the future. BroadForward’s Interface Gateway BFX provides system integrators with a specialized software toolkit for advanced integration of broadband, policy control, charging or IT systems. BFX gives system integrators the ability to immediately assess, configure and test interfaces, which means a much improved visibility on the challenges ahead.

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